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Please clink on the link to help with concussion recognition. This does not replace a 911 call if there is any doubt.

Activate Injury Prevention Exercise Programme

Click on the link to direct you to the U15  (age 13-15 years)  Activate Injury Prevention Exercise Programme.

Click on the link to direct you to the U16  (age 15-16 years)  Activate Injury Prevention Exercise Programme.

Click on the link to direct you to the U18  (age 16-18 years)  Activate Injury Prevention Exercise Programme.

Coaching Profiles

Your coaching profile has both national and Club components.

Registration and accreditations are controlled at the national level though Rugby Canada using the NCCP program.

At the Club level, we maintain a list of all of our coaches and their current accreditations. This helps us ensure that our coaching resources are distributed efficiently and to assist with supporting our coaches' personal development.

The steps outlined in FLRFC's new article "Getting Started in Coaching" describe how to sign up at the relevant institutions as you start on your personal coaching journey.

FLRFC's coach registration must be filled in as an initial sign-up and whenever your status changes, i.e. courses are completed, certifications are acquired, etc., so that the Club can keep its records up to date.

Recent Coaches News

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Important Information:

Rugby Alberta Technical Document:

Pleased see the link below to the Rugby Alberta technical document which has been designed to assist coaches across the Province. This document will be used to drive development and to shape the game here in Alberta from U7 to Senior.

Transition Rules:

In 2011 Exeter University, on behalf of the RFU (England), completed a three year detailed study of RFU’s mini’s and girls program which included a pilot project and comparison of proposed rule changes.  The primary changes of the program include smaller team sizes, pitches, decreased emphasize on contact and a scalable learning curve to XV’s.  The results of the pilots were outstanding and soon after the RFU adopted these new rules across the board.  Over the past couple years Graeme Moffat, technical director of Rugby Alberta, has reviewed the RFU rules with numerous individuals within the rugby community.  The consensus was a recommendation to the AJRA that we adopt the RFU model with slight modifications for Alberta Rugby.  The AJRA reviewed this recommendation and found it to be well-founded and we believe it will have a long term positive impact on both the quality of play with Alberta and ongoing retention of players.  It was also our position that the rules were “minor” changes that had “major” impact in many positive areas.  As such we have adopted the proposed rules for the 2015 season.  Attached is a quick summary of the rule changes with a detailed version to come next week.