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Getting Started in Coaching

By J. .Mior, 03/16/21, 9:45AM MDT


This article is to inform potential and new coaches how to set up their coaching profile.

Coaching Profiles

Your coaching profile has both national and Club components.

Registration and accreditations are controlled at the national level though Rugby Canada using the NCCP program.

At the Club level, we maintain a list of all of our coaches and their current accreditations. This helps us ensure that our coaching resources are distributed efficiently and to assist with supporting our coaches' personal development.

The steps below outline how to sign up at the relevant institutions as you start on your personal coaching journey.

FLRFC's coach registration must be filled in as an initial sign-up and whenever your status changes, i.e. courses are completed, certifications are acquired, etc., so that the Club can keep its records up to date.

Step 1: Acquiring an NCCP Number... Login Page

Once there, you can sign up for a new account, or retrieve your old number if you have forgotten it.

This website is pretty proficient at keeping duplicate entries to a minimum. I was recognized as a returning member when I tried to sign up; it had probably been about 10 years since I had acquired my initial membership and NCCP number and I had completely forgotten.

Step 2: Acquiring a Rugby Canada Coach Account...

Rugby Canada Training & Eduction Webpage

Navigate to Rugby Canada's Training and Education webpage, located at

Click the "Register Now" button in the lower left side fo the webpage  and follow the steps to register a new account. If you already have an account, you can login using the Coach Login in the upper left corner of the webpage. 

Step 3: Complete Pre-Course Learning Modules...

Rugby Canada Pre-coursework Modules - Level 1 shown as example only

Depending on whether you are interested in a Level 1 or a Level 2 course, there are learning modules that need to be completed prior to signing up for the course.

Once you log in to Rugby Canada's Coaching and Education website, you will find a page under the "Session" tab that shows all the different training courses. Complete the pre-coursework for the appropriate level. For most of you, this would be the Level 2 coursework.

Please note that Level 1 is NOT a prerequisite for Level 2.

Step 4: Sign up for Your Desired Course...

As we are attempting to get a standalone course (likely Level 2 due to popularity) organized here in Okotoks, please advise the Club's Technical Director of your status once you have completed all of the pre-coursework. This position is currently unfilled so please send it to Jamie Mior, the Club President.