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Coaching Profiles

Your coaching profile has both national and Club components.

Registration and accreditations are controlled at the national level though Rugby Canada using the NCCP program.

At the Club level, we maintain a list of all of our coaches and their current accreditations. This helps us ensure that our coaching resources are distributed efficiently and to assist with supporting our coaches' personal development.

The steps outlined in FLRFC's new article "Getting Started in Coaching" describe how to sign up at the relevant institutions as you start on your personal coaching journey.

FLRFC's coach registration must be filled in as an initial sign-up and whenever your status changes, i.e. courses are completed, certifications are acquired, etc., so that the Club can keep its records up to date.

Recent Coaches News

Getting Started in Coaching

By J. .Mior 03/16/2021, 9:45am MDT

This article is to inform potential and new coaches how to set up their coaching profile.

Coast-to-Coast Coaching Conference

Event runs Saturday / Sunday afternoons and Monday evening.

Features speakers from the rugby community across Canada.

Cost is $35 (for all three days). Use discount code "RugbyAlberta10" for a $10 discount.

Event is posted in the Club / Coaches calendar.

Go to the website to see the speaker list and detailed schedule. It seems like the conference is administered through a downloadable app.