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2021 COVID-19 Return to Play

Return to Play Protocols

In order to receive approval to Return to Play, FLRFC provided Rugby Alberta with several Return to Play documents, as specified below:

  • COVID-19 Return to Play Plan: this document provides an overview of the Return to Play process, a description of the various phases relevant to the process, club contacts, COVID-19 procedures to be followed, and facility access and flow diagrams;
  • COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan: this document provides guidance to all participants on how to prepare, respond to, and recover from an COVID-19 related issues pertaining to rugby operations;
  • Emergency Action Plan: this document contains information relevant to normal emergency situations, including contact information and addresses and directions to nearby health care facilities;
  • Key Information and Contacts: this document contains key information regarding club / team contacts, training facility locations, and sport cohort makeup; and
  • Daily Attestation Forms: This online form should be filled in approximately 4 hours, and no later than one hour, before attending training. Refer to this news article for links to the forms. Use the form appropriate to your age group.

All members and participants must familiarize themselves with the documents, available to the right of this text.

COVID-19 Awareness

World Rugby has created some COVID-19 awareness modules which are provided free of charge to the rugby community. Modules take around 20 minutes to complete.

FLRFC will require all members aged 16 and older, and at least one parent of every member under 18, to take World Rugby's COVID 19 - Return to Play Awareness for Coaches and Players.

This module will educate our members on the requirements being mandated by World Rugby onto your local rugby community.

FLRFC believes that education and critical thinking is in the best interests of all participants. As such, this training is required to be completed by end of day Friday, September 11, 2020. 

Once complete, course certifications must be downloaded and sent to FLRFC's COVID coordinator at

Assessing Risk

Everyone has a unique situation. In the modern world amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, what would be considered low risk for one individual would be a medium or high risk for another.

To try and assist everyone in determining their own individual risk profile, the following risk analysis tool has been "borrowed" from the British Medical Association's website (ref.

FLRFC recommends that all individuals who will be partaking in rugby activities complete a separate risk profile for each family member that they come in contract with. These risk profiles should provide some assistance in determining each individual's risk tolerance prior to deciding to Return to Play.