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Subscribe to FLRFC's Club Calendar

By J. .Mior, 02/24/21, 10:45AM MST


Did you know you can add FLRFC's calendar to your iPhone?

Add FLRFC's calendar feed to your iPhone and never miss another event. This article will tell you how!

Did you know it is possible to add an external calendar to the calendar app on your personal communication device?

Keep on top of all the important Rugby events in your life by subscribing to our Club's calendar.

Although this should work for Android devices, the description below pertains to subscribing to an external calendar on an iPhone, as that is the device I am currently using.

Navigate to our Club's webpage at and from the main menu (upper left corner) select the "Calendar" page. When you scroll to the bottom, you will see a button labeled "Show Tag Menu".

The trick now is to select the appropriate tags. At this time, select "Home", "Calendar" and "Foothills Lions RFC (All Seasons) --> Programs (2020) --> Winter --> Academy --> Academy". You should now see all of the Academy training sessions showing up.

Again scroll to the bottom and select "Subscribe to iCal Feed". Copy the URL at the very bottom of the screen that starts with "webcal://". Make sure you get the entire address.

In your settings, go to Calendar --> Accounts --> Add Account. Then select "Other" and "Add Subscribed Calendar". Paste the URL that you copied above into the "Server" field. Hit the "Next" button.

Modify the "Description" field to something shorter (I like to use FLRFC) and hit the "Save" button. 

If you have any issues, get in touch with me. I'll try to resolve and update this article so that it helps everyone else.

Note: as the teams change with the seasons of play, you will need to update your tags (as described above) and resubscribe periodically as the seasons / teams change. Ensure that you are selecting the correct team(s) for the correct season and sub-season of play.