2022 Registration Now Open...

This year, FLRFC is planning to run spring / summer programs. Rugby is returning to its normal schedule with Youth (minis) and U13-U15 playing in the spring (May - June) with U16 - U18 playing in the summer (July - August). Seniors will run May - August. Fall 7s will run as normal in September.

Rugby Alberta's Return to Play plan is located here.

Due to some limitations in the Sportslomo registration software, registration this year is again a two-step process. The first step is completing Rugby Canada's registration using your Sportlomo login (this is the same as the last few years).

Registration (Step #1):

Navigate to rugbycanada.sportlomo.com. Select on "Alberta" as the province and "Foothills Lions" as your Club. Double-check to ensure that you have selected the correct Club, as the Club name does not show up in the following registration screen (as shown in screenshot below).

Screenshot of FRFC registration screen at Rugby Canada website

Registration has been simplified based on age grades. Select your registration type and then click on the "REGISTER" button that appears immediately below.

On the next screen, sign in to your existing Sportlomo account (or register for an account if you are a new member).

Ensure the selection is correct then carry through the registration process.

Note: it appears that Rugby Alberta again requires a "Respect in Sport" component for parents of junior athletes. I have heard that it is a one hour online course, you need to complete this and acquire a certificate number to be able to complete the registration. For those of you that are involved in hockey, I have heard that it is the same course and your previous certification will work. See the following link:


My apologies, but it is out of my hands. Our Club's Respect in Sport policy is much simpler and (in my opinion) way more effective.

Important: If you need to register for more than one category, e.g. adult player and coach, only register for a single category at a time or you will be double charged. After the initial registration you can return and upgrade to add the additional categories. If this is the case, contact Jamie Mior for help.

Registration (Step #2):

Following the Sportlomo registration described in Step #1 above, you will need to complete a Club-specific registration using your SportsEngine account. This is the same account used by the website for team and club communications.

This registration introduces you to the Club's Code of Conduct and Respect in Sport policies, COVID training, and PIC for coaches, trainers, and volunteers. Please complete the secondary registration as soon as possible. The Club registration is located at: